Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education – American Tour 2017

PASCE in Peoria 7/14The eCS Therapy Center has combined creative capacity with Cinebis Film Institute to bring the 2017 Plant A Seed For Cannabis Education Tour (where Science & Celluloid meet) to the North American continent!

Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education

The Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education 2017 Tour is launching locally with a one-day triple shot in our own ‘hood, lining up three events all on June 10th at The Bookman, One Love Club and Studio A64 (The Original Cannabis Club) culminating in an epic Jenga duel upstairs in the A64 lounge at sunset.

Presenting next at the 27th Annual International Cannabinoid Research Symposium in Montreal, June 22-27th. Also screening Cinebis 2016 Audience Award winners, A New Leaf On Life and GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution for the scientists during an afternoon poster session. FREE screening!

PASCE in peoria, IL July 14/15Meet the Author/Cannabis Researcher Dr. Regina Nelson at Midstate College in Peoria, Illinois on July 14th.

Later that evening enjoy a FREE screening of Illegally Alive presented by Cinebis Film Institute. A Q&A discussion panel follows the film.
Illegally Alive

On Saturday July 15th, get First Level Cannacian certified from eCS Therapy Center, plus get The eCS Therapy Companion Guide as future therapy reference for free!
Healthy lunch included!

Then it’s down into Clinton Illinois to meet up with rural America and talk intelligently about the benefits of cannabis therapy under the shade of The Compassion Tree.

Cannabis Literary Society

The Cannabis Literary Society presents an “up-close” and personal evening dabbing and chatting with Dr. Nelson at Herban Space in Denver on Tuesday, July 25th at 7pm.

Millennium Grown's July VIP Night Millennium Grown’s VIP night follows on Wednesday, July 26th with a full schedule of speakers, schmoozing and a side room showing Cinebis flicks next to our raffle items. Green peace leader Joe Grumbine of The Human Solution is set to start the talks after ample mingling. EndoCanna is bringing some seriously sensible medical oil, with THC, suspended in hemp seed oil. Way to go!

Next it’s a big swing West!

First tour stop is the iconic Seattle Hempfest on August 18-20th. Scroll down below for the schedule, catch her talks on all four stages, on all three days!

Seattle Hempfest 2017Hempfest crowd

Watch for a Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education event around the Puget Sound during this week!

Then, we drop down into the path of totality to watch the big eclipse!

If America still stands and Yellowstone stays unblown, the next stop is presenting at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR on August 28-30th. Dr. Nelson presents An Integral Exploration of Doctor/Patient Experiences on the Medical Cannabis Track at 1:55pm.


10   The Bookman Bookstore @ 1-3pm
10   One Love Club  @ 4:20
10   Studio A64 @ 7:10
Colorado Springs, CO
22-27   The 27th Annual ICRS Symposium on the Cannabinoids
25   Cinebis Film Institute is Cinema Committed to Cannabis @ 1-3pm
26   “GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution” + CFF2016 highlights @ 3pm
27   The Medical Cannabis Recommendation: An Integral Exploration of Doctor/Patient Experiences with Dr. Nelson @ 1-3pm
Montreal, Canada


14   Midstate College     Talk to Your Doctor/Patient @ 2-4pm
14   Midstate College      FREE @ 7pm “Illegally Alive
15   Midstate College     eCS 101 Certification Course @ 10am-5pm
Peoria, IL
16   The Compassion Tree @ 1-3pm
Clinton, IL
25   The Cannabis Literary Society at Herban Space
26   Millennium Grown’s July VIP Night
Denver, CO


18-20   The 26th Annual Seattle Hempfest
18   Main Stage @ 12:45
19   Hemposium @ 11:35am-12:20pm
20   Seeley/Black Stage @ 12:50pm & Caviar Gold Stage @ 1:45pm
Seattle, WA
28-30   Cannabis Science Conference
30   Medical Cannabis Track – An Integral Exploration of Doctor-Patient Experiences with Dr. Nelson @ 1:55pm
Portland, OR


Portland, OR Certification Course


Denver, CO
Atlanta, GA
Orlando, FL  Certification Course


Jacksonville, FL  Certification Course
Las Vegas, NV